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The can’t-go-wrong Interview Outfit

Interviews are intimidating as it is.  You don’t need to add even more stress by not knowing what to wear.  Here is an outfit that you can never go wrong with.  Timeless and stylish.

Purse – Nine West, Blouse – Dillard’s, Blazer Jacket – JCPenny, Earrings – White House | Black Market, Shoes – Nine West, Skirt – Forever21

Why I chose these items:

Purse – The purse is small enough to not distract from you.  It’s stylish and very useful.  Go to the link and check out all the compartments it has – so useful!

Blouse – The white color makes it perfect for you to accessorize if you want.  Interviewing for a school?  Throw on some cute accessories in their color, but don’t get tacky.  A single stone necklace will do just fine.  Feeling bold?  Replace the blouse with a different color.  That specific one comes in a nice light blue.

Jacket –  A gray jacket here helps pull the black and white together quite nicely without being in all black.  The two color suit makes you stand out from others who will probably show up in the basic all black interview suit.

Earrings – Oh pearls, how I love you.  Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls should be a girl’s material sister.  Pearls can go just about anywhere.  And these specific ones help add just enough bling so you don’t have to wear any other accessories.

Shoes – Maryjanes.  The classic shoe for a classic girl.  This style is perfect for an interview.  The heel is low enough to allow for fast walking if you got stuck in some traffic, but high enough to help your posture.  Not to mention, the strap guarantees the shoe won’t fall off.

Skirt –  A classic pencil skirt is always perfect for work.


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