Shopping Guide: Colors for Spring 2013

Wow!  I have a feeling that Spring 2013 is going to be a fashionable one for all of us.  Brights and neutrals combined!

Pantone has released their Spring 2013 color report – and I must admit, I am experiencing some color lust.  Just about every color is timeless for the coming season.

Spring colors tend to be either extremely neutral or extremely bright.  This time around, the mix of the two brings us a great balance in colors – perfect for extending the life of your shopping.  Check out how these neutral undertones bring some balance to the bold and bright.

Spring 2013 Colors
Source: Pantone

Aren’t they just darling?

As you go on to your search for the perfect spring/summer wardrobe keep in mind some helpful tips that will help you get more for your money.  Stretch those colors for other seasons where you can.

Foundation colors: Foundation colors are those colors that never go out of style.  These colors should make up the majority of your wardrobe.  Think key pieces, the basics:  Pants, camisoles, luggage etc.  These clothes and accessories can be used in all seasons.  Foundation colors are an investment to your closet, feel free to splurge.

The colors:  Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, Nectarine, Linen (it’s the nude one in the picture, not marked)

Spring only colors:  Each season brings us its own style.  You can flirt in your summer dresses, sandals, light cardigans, etc. during this warmer season.  Spring colors, while more flexible than those for the cooler season, are mostly worn in spring.  But, you don’t want to be ‘that person’ that is wearing out of season pastels in the fall.  Unless you are an expert, stick to the rules for a timeless look at all times.  Shopping for your ‘spring only’ colors can be an investment or an asset.  Determine whether you should splurge or not by analyzing the kind of weather you live in.  If you live in a warmer environment, feel free to splurge a little.  If you live in a colder climate, go for the deals.

The colors:  Poppy Red, Tender Shoots, Lemon Zest,

Accent colors:  The fun ones of the bunch!  Accent colors should add to your entire look without overdoing it.  Think costume jewelry, scarfs, purses, etc.  Accent colors, like all things fun, come and go.  Save your money and grab the really good deals on these.  Chances are you are not going to be wearing these when the season’s over…and if you do, well, you just saved some money.  Win!

The colors:  Emerald, Monaco Blue

Happy Shopping!

-Liz C


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