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A Puerto Rican Adventure: Ziplining in October

On a recent trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, we visited Campo Rico Ziplining Adventures.  They offer hikes, kayaking and, of course, ziplining.  The weather in Puerto Rico is usually in the mid 80s, somewhat breezy and always beautiful.  This made ziplining a perfect choice.  The breeze made the trip enjoyable as we ziplined over 300ft in the air, enjoying the scenery.

Ziplining view in Puerto Rico.

What should you expect?

  1. A lot of walking,
  2. Some heat,
  3. Few bugs (Only a few, promise.  I can’t stand those things),
  4. AND…A lot of fun!

Ziplining was AMAZING, to say the least.  I highly recommend Campo Rico Ziplining Adventures to everyone.  The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and very inclusive.  They offered free shuttle service and we arrived at the location at 2pm or so.  This was perfect for the end of the trip.  Ziplining down the mountains was beautiful as the sunset came about.  We arrived at their on-site bar, called The Mojito Bar.  They made majitos from scratch and were delicious.

What to pack:

While I forgot just about all these things, except a camera, these are the items I saw other people in our group use most.

  1. Nylon, drawstring bag to pack everything in.  It is very easy to zipline with a drawstring bag on and not dangerous at all.
  2. Water, water, water.  Though it was bearable and not too uncomfortable, we did begin to get thirsty.
  3. Camera.  To take pictures, duh.  There’s a ton of stuff to take pictures of and you’ll want to remember it all.
  4. Hand towel.  Even though it was October, the humidity started making me a little sticky.  Having a towel would have definitely been a plus.
  5. Bug repellent.  Though there weren’t many flying bugs, there were small ones that were pretty annoying.

Consider this when picking your outfit:

  1. The weather.  How will it be when you arrive, while you’re there and when you leave?  If you are going to an area that is on higher ground keep in consideration that the temperature there is usually much cooler.
  2. The length of the trip.  It can last anywhere from 3 to 6 or more hours.
  3. What you’ll do on your specific trip.

What I wore and why:

Walking downhill at Campo Rico Ziplining Adventure in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Brick Red shorts
  • Columbia Blue camisole
  • Tennis shoes with grip
  • Bathing suit

We began our trip with kayaking so wearing a bathing suit was the obvious idea – it’s meant to get wet.  And after all, I’m sure I was in a bathing suit just about our whole trip.  I’m a girl and we like to take pictures, so I was not about to go on this trip without a decent outfit.  The red and blue went perfectly with the vibrancy in Puerto Rican colors.  The shoes were great for walking uphill and griping when walking on soft ground.

Enjoy your ziplining adventure !

-Liz C

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