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A Puerto Rican Adventure: San Juan’s Color Palette

As you walk down the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, you’ll be immersed in the people’s vibrant personalities, culture and the color palette that brings it all together.  The life style in San Juan, Puerto Rico is laid back and energetic all at once, which extends to the many colors this island showcases.  From the architecture to nature, colors abound the land.

Homes are covered in bright colors and unique patterns that, though very different from the house next door, are in harmony with each other.  This gives the street a fun feel, full of color.

Colorful block in a local San Juan, PR residence.

I enjoyed seeing each house’s unique style.  Some houses were painted in deep, rich colors and others in traditional pastels.  My favorites were those with some type of theme.  The unique architecture of each house only helped showcase the home’s exterior colors.

Foliage is found all over the city of San Juan, PR.
Landscape view while ziplining in San Juan, PR.

The scenery is gorgeous.  Bright greens in various shades are found in the abundance of foliage found on the streets and in the landscape.  Different plants and leaves are found at just about every street you walk through.  Because San Juan is a rainforest environment, mountains in the landscape are made up of trees.  The rich greens make up the mountains up to highest peaks.  Deep blues are all over: from the ocean water below up to the skies.   Even in the rain, the sky is filled with rich grays and steel blue colors.

Many locals can be seen wearing brights and pastels.  Bright and rich colors are a great complement for the natural colors in San Juan’s surroundings.  The pastels are great for those hot, sunny days to help keep you cool and breezy.

Colors to keep in mind when packing for a visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico:

  • Bright Colors
    • Corals
    • Purples
    • Teals
    • Oranges
    • Yellows
  • Neutral colors in pastels
    • Beige
    • Light blues
    • Soft pinks
    • Violets

    A pet parrot at Camp Rico Ziplining Adventure. Its colors are a good guide to go by when thinking of the colors of San Juan, PR.

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