The Tiny Baby Dream

I’d rather not, thank you.

So this dream started with the boyfriend and me talking about going to prom…yes! A couple of twenty-something’s were going to prom – crazy! Apparently, I had no dress the day of and his sister and I were going to go shopping for one. So we end up going to his grandmother’s house, which happened to be my aunt’s old house. While we were there, his grandmother tells us that she decided to adopt a tiny baby. Her dog had passed away and she wanted something to take care of. Because that makes total sense in my dream. Oh, your dog just passed; just go to the adoption agency. They’re handing out tiny babies like pie. This baby is not normal. It just sleeps, so I am definitely a fan. The tiny baby must weigh no more than 5lbs., it looks like a doll. He tells his grandma that I am going to meet his sister there and we’d be going shopping. She has a brilliant idea! Why don’t I take the tiny baby with me?! “Sure why not?” I say and grab it – I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl.

His sister eventually shows up, except his sister is not his sister. In my dream, his sister was my high school boyfriend’s sister. WTH?! Anyway, from one second to the next (as in most dreams), we are at a mall. As we are shopping, we somehow run into my grandma and mother. They ask about the tiny baby and I tell them how I acquired it. We are at a store and the sales lady tells me that the lady is cold and that I should cover it with the newest blanket they carry. I know?! Makes no sense. Blankets??? Where am I? Sears? So I end up getting the blanket and cover the tiny baby. We move on to other stores and eventually end up at Saks Fifth Avenue. Love! My dreams sure are fashionable. 😉 As we go up to the second floor, I realize that I have tiny baby in my big tote bag and I have not checked on it. I don’t know how I acquired this tote bag and I don’t know why it made sense to put a baby in it, like a dog, but it did. I quickly realize that the tiny baby isn’t breathing – or at least I think it is. “Oh crap,” I think. I didn’t want to make a bad impression on his grandma by killing her tiny baby, so I don’t say anything. I somehow come to the conclusion that when we get back, I’ll put it in the crib and she won’t notice. GEEZ! I know! Dream me is a little crazy. Real me may not be a kid fanatic, but I’d never kill one. That’s so mean! Dream me makes me sad. 😦 We continue shopping and no one asks me about the tiny baby. The boyfriend’s sister, grandma and mother are all ready to go.

As we start walking out of the mall, the apocalypse decides to arrive and everything just goes crazy! The lights are flickering; thunder is loud – louder than I have ever heard! The earth begins to shake and the concrete begins to part exposing nothing but empty space. We see a road that has no cracks on it and begin running towards it. Luckily, our car is parked in a parking lot that the road leads to. As we try to make our way through the crowd we come across the only crack on that road and wouldn’t you know it, snakes are coming out. My grandma is terrified of snakes – so this is a HUGE issue! I was not about to leave her behind. I hand tiny baby to mother and start thinking about different ways to get grandma across this crack on the road. I should also mention that while we were trying to figure out how to cross this, there was a part of the road that did not have a crack and we could have very well gone across. But, why would we do that when we could cross a crack? That just makes too much sense. After different tries, a random guy comes and carries grandma across. Phew! Problem solved.

By the time we get to the car, the apocalypse decided to stop. So I guess it wasn’t the apocalypse. Maybe it was just a really bad hail storm. So we make our way back to the boy toy’s grandma’s place. When we get back, grandma and mother aren’t with us anymore. I get my tote with tiny baby and go on with my plan of leaving it in the crib and distracting the grandma so she doesn’t realize that I’ve somehow suffocated it with a blanket that probably weighed more than it did. Again, dream me = bad person. The boyfriend’s sister leaves (Who is his real sister now. I’m not really sure when the sisters changed, but at least now that part makes sense, right?). I go in through the back door only to find a dog barking at me. The grandma comes out and starts yelling at the dog to shoo away. I still don’t know whose dog that was and where it came from, but nonetheless. She asks me about tiny baby and I am forced to take it out of my tote bag. :/ She starts questioning why it isn’t moving, I don’t know what to reply with so I say that it was like that when I left. She starts moving it around and shrieks. I panic, my heart is racing, I think, “Great, he’s going to break up with me.” Dream me has some really effed up thoughts and priorities. But seeing that it’s just a dream filled with clusters of randomness, it’s quite funny. I move towards her and soon realize that tiny baby is moving again. Yay! She said that I hadn’t changed its diaper and that tiny baby goes into comas if you don’t change it. But, tiny baby will come out if it as soon as you change it.

Then…I wake up.

Initial Thoughts

Who gets a tiny baby to replace a dog?
Why are snakes coming out of the ground? Do they really live there? And if they do, when the apocalypse comes (if it does) will they start coming out? And if they do, are they poisonous?
And, of course, my high school boyfriend’s sister? Really???

A short analysis

I have some crazy dreams!

Tiny Baby

Tiny baby I think represents the responsibility that I am not ready for. I’m not sure what that is, though. I don’t have kids and don’t plan on having any. It could just represent the new responsibility I am acquiring and maybe my skepticism towards it.

I’ve started school, am taking on more responsibility at work and my romantic relationship is maturing. It seems like everything, not just one chapter in my life, but EVERYTHING is taking the next step. I’m getting my Master’s Degree – something I never thought I’d do. I am getting more responsibilities at work and while I love it, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t stressful. I’m taking more on, I’m learning how to be a better administrator, and how to deal with “work politics.” And, of course, my romantic relationship is growing – something that has really caught me off guard.

Tiny baby’s diaper change bringing it “back to life,” I think, means that some change can actually help with accepting some responsibility. So maybe it’s the little bit of optimism in my dream that is telling me to not freak out and admit to my mistakes/skepticism because it will be OK.

Crack on the Road

The crack on the road, I admit, is pretty hilarious. There’s room around the crack, enough room for us to go around and continue down the road and we still choose to cross it – snakes and all.

I think this may represent my stubbornness. I try to not be stubborn, admit when I’m wrong and make the best of it, but I can’t help it sometimes. It just comes out. So maybe, even though, I see that there is room, I have set my mind to achieve something and though there are other ways to get to my goal I choose to finish what I started.

How it comes together

My stubbornness can really be a setback when trying to accept big, sort of monumental, changes in my life. While, I feel, that I do make a great effort to overcome it, there is always room for improvement.

My initial analysis stands: I have crazy dreams!

-Liz C


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