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Style Log: College Football Game (The T-Shirt Dress)

College football:  Football season is in full force…YAY!  I absolutely ADORE those DIY dresses.  They can be so cute!  But beware…DIY/T-shirt dresses, while cute, can be very tacky looking.  My rule of thumb is the simpler, the better.  Just because it’s DIY does not mean it has to look DIY.

What I took into consideration:

  • I’ve already posted (yes, I do think of this) an outfit that was not super “fanish,” so I wanted one that showed that
  • DON’T want a tacky DIY T-Shirt Dress, so I kept it simple when making mine
  • Cute, matching red nails are adorbs
  • Want a little flare (hence, the belt)

Check out my 2012 College Football Game Outfit Post here.

– Liz C.


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