Sunflower Celebration

It’s been almost seven months since Jerry and I got married.  And since we eloped in Vegas, we wanted to do a little something for family and close friends.  Some things got in the way and we weren’t able to do this until this weekend.  But, it was great to have the support of loved ones there even though it may have been a little late.  What was even better was having our families formally meet – i know, we’re doing everything backwards.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We had a sunflower themed celebration.  It was very rustic, simple, us.

Outside Table

A taco food truck was set up outside that let everyone pick whatever they wanted.  Margaritas, wine, beer, soda and water were available.  The margaritas were set up to be served in mason jars with paper straws (sorry, I totally forgot to take pictures of that).  The food was so good and the sunflower cake was the cutest!!  And it was delicious!

Cake Table & Food TruckMy mom, grandmother and youngest brother made it to the party.  My grandmother sang a song for us, which was just the absolute sweetest thing.  I don’t know if I could ever do that, but then again, she can sing and I’m definitely not know for my singing.  Then we cut the cake.  We got our own “wedding” cake cutters and kept the top tier of the cake to eat at our one-year anniversary – I’m REEEAAALLLY looking forward to that.  After the cake cutting, there was the toast.  AND we get to keep the crystal champagne glasses.  Finally, we opened presents – I guess, kind of like a wedding shower.

Cake Cutters & Wine GlassesHaving this was very special, to me.  I definitely LOVE that we eloped, but we also didn’t have an engagement party, or any of the other little gatherings that lead up to a wedding.  But, I think having it this way is even more special for us.  It really shows us the support that we have from family and friends.  Even though we’re technically already married, they still want to come out and celebrate with us.  It is very touching.

Jerry & LizI hope you get to celebrate your important moments in life with tons of love and support.

Happy Celebrating!

– Liz L


Check out more on my outfit here.  ❤


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