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Style Log: Spring Engagement Party

Spring Engagement Party:  We had our engagement party over the weekend – even though it’s so backwards with the whole eloping thing…anyway, see how the party went here.  I went for a more youthful, fun sort of look.  I didn’t want anything too bridal, but I still wanted to feel like a “bride.”

This is what I wore:

Jerry & Liz Engagement OutfitAt first, I was really nervous about the length of it.  I got it on a Friday to wear on a Saturday, but I just went to a craft store and bought the hemming tape (the one that you iron at the hem) and it worked out perfectly.  The hardest part of this jumpsuit was wearing a bra.  The front part does not necessarily stay down and a gust of wind will show the sheer lace under.  But, nothing that Elmer’s glue and bikini cups couldn’t fix 😉  Floral peep toes and rhinestoned star-shaped stud earrings really helped me feel more dressed up for the night.

What I took into consideration:

  • I’d probably be up and walking a lot to talk to people
  • It’s still a little cooler weather after dusk and I’m always so cold
  • I was determined to wear yellow
  • Party theme was sunflowers and I really wanted to fit with it because I LOVE sunflowers

Here’s a closer look of the jumpsuit:

Spring Engagement Outfit Collage

Spring Enagement Get the Look



Happy Shopping!

– Liz


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