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Kiss Your Mate Day 2015

I just love little hoaky days like this!! They make for posting on Insta so much fun (yes, obviously joking – although, it is fun). But I like it because Kiss Your Mate Day also reinforces some of the little things that we tend to forget about.

Like a kiss.

LizJerry Kiss at Lauberge Beach
Jerry and I on the beach are of the L’Auberge Casino in Lake Charles, LA

We often get so caught up in the flow of things that we forget that the little things do add up. We might take for granted a simple gesture like a kiss and end up doing it just as a part of a daily/morning/night/etc. routine.

So, today, take a moment to really kiss your cutie. It doesn’t have to be a full on make out session – sometimes I think a nice long kiss is the best. Just on the lips. It’s so sweet and innocent. Maybe that’s not the right word to use, but I hope you get the point. It just goes above what any random make out session (while fun) can do. A simple, intentional kiss can unintentionally help solidify your relationship and show how much you really care for him/her.

Granted, it may not be a grand (and materialistic) gesture like buying a present, but that’s not what intimacy should be about. It’s about the connection between you and your special someone.

So…pucker up, y’all!

Happy kissing!




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