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A Look at the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016 Collection

Tribal/boho meets military.  That’s exactly what I was thinking as I watched the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016 Collection last night.  Watch the show here.  It’s a flowy, yet strong look.  The flowy material creates a romantic feel, but the straight geometric lines say “I’m a badass.”  I love it!  I think it is such a great representation of what today’s women are:  a great balance of both worlds.  Yeah, we’re pretty awesome!

It’s also such a great transition from the Cruise 2015 collection.  You can easily mix and match the items to get the Cruise 2016 look, or just make an entire new look of your own.

Here are some of my favorite ready-to-wear looks:

LV16 1Keep those maxi skirts and bring out your leather jackets to get this look. The blue jacket with white skirt is my favorite of the two. These are great for a lunch/weekend outing look.

LV16 2More flowy bottoms. Keep an eye out on those sheer, layered maxi skirts – check out that high slit on the white skirt. The way it’s paired with the top really makes this look great for street-wear without looking like you’re trying too hard. I love the fringe on the outfit to the right. Tassels are very in now, so make sure you keep those around. These are great to go out and about; and you’ll keep turning heads for that reverse happy hour.

LV16 3This look is sleek and flowy all at the same time. I am mind-blown right now by the little detail on the top in the outfit to the left. It’s a regular top with what looks like a thick leather tie pulling it to the side. It’s such a simple touch, but it makes such a drastic change. This would make a great day to night outfit.

LV16 4Hey there, hot shorts! Mix your fun print with a top you can tuck in, or go full print with a hot shorts bodysuit. Pair it with your favorite combat boots to pull it all together. Great for a night out!

LV16 5

These two outfits are so similar, yet so different. The print to the left and the solid contrasting colors on the right make all the difference in these two outfits. But, the look is still the same: flowy bottom, rigid top. This look is great for day or night and shows just how much of a difference the color/print can make. Bring the print to a fun day out and wear the solids for more formal event.

Take a closer look at all the outfits in the collection here.

Can’t wait until next season to get this look? Check back soon to see some Get The Look options.

Happy Louis-ing!



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