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Work Wear: Midi, Pleated Skirt

WWW 05132015I’ve always been pretty nervous about wearing skirts that are supposed to be midi-length, but end up looking like I’m a teenager trying to dress like a grown-up because I’m so short.  But, I just couldn’t help myself with this midi, pleated skirt.  The flower details all over the skirt are embroidered all over the skirt, which is really what caught my eye.  I’m sure there’s a machine that does that whole embroidery thing and it isn’t like beading, but there’s just something so unique about it.  It’s almost like all this time was spent on this one piece and that makes it seem so special.

I’m sure if you’re tall, you can probably pull off a cute blouse or other flowy top, but I really just can’t.  Maybe if I do some more shopping I’ll find one that can go well with this skirt, but right now all the ones I had didn’t really work well with it.  The blouses I had, combined with this skirt, just made me look like I was drowning in the clothes.  #shortpeopleproblems

So, to offset the drowning-in-clothes look, I wore a navy scoop-neck top and nude slingback, open-toe shoes.  I didn’t catch a picture with it, but I did wear a cream-colored cardigan over it because my office is FREEZING.  I kept the make-up and accessories very simple, wearing just gold stud earrings and a natural-colored lipstick.

WWW 05132015 Outfit on Me

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Werk it, y’all!!



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