#BreakYouMake – An Honorary Post

Earlier this month I found out about the Chobani Flip #BreakYouMake blog challenge. The rules are to nominate someone that I think needs a break from “the daily grind” via honorary blog post. So I started thinking about the hardest working, busiest person I knew. And several people came to mind.

My husband deals with difficult situations all the time. My dad works hard to make sure that we have what we need. My father-in-law works countless hours/days/weeks and is always there for Jerry and I. The list goes on and on. Friends, colleagues, mentors. They’re all great!

As I was going through my list of who to nominate, I realized that every person that came to mind was worthy of a nomination. They all absolutely deserve a break. So who should I pick? Everyone works so hard to give others the stability to live comfortably. The support that makes you feel loved. The example that you want to follow. Picking just one is hard.

Then it just clicked! I knew exactly who I wanted to nominate for the #BreakYouMake blog challenge. I thought about the person who made me who I am today. This woman, despite not putting hours in at the office, has done so much for me. Countless hours talking, laughing and crying. Unconditional love, support and (of course) awesome snacks whenever I wanted them! She may not have worked in the traditional sense, but she does everything to make sure that others are comfortable and that those she cares about are happy.

She’s passionate about what she does, inspires others to be more, and works diligently every day. She makes the best friend, mentor and fan. She is my grandmother.

Grandma and I taking a break from a long day of walking at Disney World – Epcot

Her work days start at 6 a.m and end when she goes to bed – the hardest worker I know. Delegating is not forced on anyone because her passion for life makes you want to do better – the most inspiring person I know. Her work ethic is her willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done – an admirable quality to have.

Grandma with Rafiki at Disney World – Animal Kingdom

So when I thought about it this way, it was easy to see who needs a break from “the daily grind.” It’s my grandmother. She never complains about what she does and is always happy and eager to do more. We may not think of her as the person who always works long hours at the office because we don’t see what she does in the traditional way, but it’s actually more. Her work doesn’t end because she doesn’t leave her office. Her office is her home. One that she makes and maintains each day. A place that I can call home.

Grandma and I visiting a baby tiger.

So when you think about the hardest workers, think outside the box. Think about the tasks that are not necessarily ones you would normally consider like holding meetings, presentations, etc. and remind yourself of those who make you who you are. Those people that work hard every single day without a single complaint. They are the ones that really work the hardest. They are the ones that deserve a break.

Thank you, grandma. I love you.

Share your special person by writing your own #BreakYouMake post to show them that you are grateful for what they do every day.  Let them know they are making a difference.  Who will you write about?

Happy Nominating!

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