Surprise Baby Shower Lunch

I love surprises!!  It shows someone that you’re thinking about them and care enough to go through a planning process for them because they are that special/important to you.  And, admittedly, it’s a great excuse to plan and decorate a party!!

I had the perfect opportunity to surprise my sorority sister when she had a baby shower that some of us couldn’t make.  I wanted to give her something low-key with a polished feel.    I wanted her to be surprised up until the very moment she saw us – having a surprise party at a house gives it away when you see familiar cars parked nearby.  And I also didn’t want to cook…LOL.  #carryoutislife

Phi Mu quatrefoil!!
Phi Mu quatrefoil!!

Wait, lunch?

OK, so I did an unconventional baby shower.  I reserved a table at the Junior League of Houston Tea Room – seriously the easiest planning…you pick what menu items you want and they take care of the cooking/serving/cleaning.  All I had to worry about was the decorations!!

I know, I know…Tea Room???  Sounds so bland.  But the decor and perfectly placed tables give a baby shower celebration the most serene feel.

www.lizlauers.comBecause she opted to not know what the gender was, I wanted to keep the colors as neutral as possible.  Mint, yellow and birds seems neutral enough…and they’re so cute!  The Tea Room decor was a perfect match!  I have never been so thankful for wallpaper!

www.lizlauers.comI purchased wooden birds to add to the center of the table and some smaller ones to place inside the flower arrangements.  For a pop of color to the overall theme, I added bright yellow and green flowers.  I also added an ivory color flower in there to tone it down a bit.  Glass milk bottles are holding the bottles with twine tied around the top.

www.lizlauers.comAnd for that extra little touch, I added hand cut bird shaped confetti to the table.  Yes!  Hand. Cut.  The shape perfectly matched the birds in the flower arrangements – so customizing the confetti was totally worth it.  As a thank you gift for everyone that came, I got Crave Chocolate and Creme mini cupcakes.  The wooden tags were painted to match the birds.  And the same twine on the bottles was tied to the tag.

www.lizlauers.comSo was she surprised?!

YES!!!  TOTALLY!!!  All those hours of cutting large bird confetti and picking the perfect dessert was totally worth it to see how surprised she was.  I really don’t think she had any idea – and if she did, she definitely fooled me.

Congrats, Em!!

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