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Liz Likes Lake Charles

I’ve been thinking about all the Lake Charles casino road trips that Jerry and I have taken – some (A LOT) this year and others last year.  It’s an awesome mini vacation…especially if you’re in Houston – only 2ish hours away!!  So here’s a short overview to help you decide where to go when you visit Lake Charles.

There are three casinos in Lake Charles:  Isle of Capri, L’Auberge and Golden Nugget.  Each has its own feel and I enjoy going to each one for its own reasons.


Isle of Capri is a well-lit casino with inexpensive gambling minimums – it may have a bit of a raunchy feel to it, but it’s all part of the fun!  25-cent black jack at the bar is my favorite!!  Don’t forget to tip the bartender and waitresses so they keep coming back 🙂  Isle has two hotels, the Inn and the Tower, which is the better of the two.  The Inn is more “Motel 6ish” and across the parking lot from the casino.  #lazygirlprobs  BUT, it serves its purpose…there’s a bed, shower and mini fridge.  The Tower was recently renovated and it shows!  The room we stayed in had a large jacuzzi tub in the room.  Yaassss!!  Plus, it was on the same floor as the casino – I think this was the 2nd floor.  It was so convenient!  Isle is a lot of fun during the day and if you’re on a budget.
Outside patio of Isle of Capri. That boat to the right is the casino.


Golden Nugget is the newbie in Lake Charles.  With its trendy, young and upbeat feel, it reminds you of the Vegas strip.  Because it’s a Landry’s property, the restaurants are great.  I still haven’t found one that I’d recommend, but the ones with the patios next to the pool are great in the summer.  The pool is amazing, on Saturdays they have a DJ, which really gives it the party atmosphere that sets it apart.  Every time I’ve gambled there, it has not been the best experience; but if you want a recommendation, I’d say do some video gambling at the bar (at least you’d get a drink).  I have not yet experienced the accommodations, but I’m sure they are amazing – it’s new!  Golden Nugget is great for a “stop-by” visit if you want to get fancied up; it’s definitely not super budget friendly so don’t expect any 25-cent blackjack here.
Golden Nugget is just a short walk away from L’Auberge!!


L’Auberge feels like more of an established luxury.  The bright slot lights really have a Vegas night shine in the dim lighting – video craps is my favorite here!  Your trip isn’t complete without trying all the different restaurants…you’ll need more than one day.  Try the breakfast buffet at Le Beaucoup, a burger at the Jack Daniels Bar & Grill (do the Burger Shot Beer special on Mondays), and a late night chicken fried steak at Favorites.  If it’s warm enough, the lazy river has an amazing swim up bar.  Pro tip: Attend a Liquid Society concert for some late night swim up bar-ing 🙂  The beach is great to relax, but I wouldn’t get in the water.  The accommodations here are incredible – especially if you have a pool view.  Any room is comfortable and fairly quiet.  Get an all around experience and order some late night room service to sober up err…I mean, re-energize (?) – the Kitchen Sink pizza is delish!!  L’Auberge is obviously my favorite and I’d definitely recommend staying a few nights.  It’s the perfect combination of fun and relaxing.

I’ve got waaaay too many picture to just pick one…so here’s a video instead 🙂

Happy Casino-ing! OR as the video craps lady at L’Auberge would say, “Push the button!”  ❤

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