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Style Log: A Reserved Valentine

Just a few days ago we looked at a casual look that had a “pop” of Valentine’s Day colors in there.  See it again here.  Now, I want to share a look that’s more on the preppy side, reserved and definitely work-friendly.

A classic preppy look:  white collar with a sweater over it.  Can this get any smarter?  I really love the thunderbird image on this sweater.  While the look is more on a classic side, the thunderbird gives it a little taste of trend.

To accessorize, keep it simple.  A pair of pearl studs can go far with this look.  You shouldn’t overdo it.  Though, a tasteful collar necklace wouldn’t be entirely out of the question – I’ve worn something similar to that here.

I’ve paired this bright-colored sweater with  khaki pants and flats in a wine color, which are quickly becoming a favorite of mine…they are so cute and go with just about anything!!

I added this purse that I was SOOOO LUCKY to find at a thrift store for just $1!  Yes, ONE DOLLAR!!!  I like the gray and gold sort of basket weave texture to it.  The shape and style of the purse adds to the classic look of this outfit, but the colors give it some contrast.

To maximize this look, you can absolutely wear it for work.  Perfect for that casual Friday work day.  But I really like it for a Valentine look because it’s different.  It’s perfect for a casual date that may include lunch and a brisk walk 🙂

Stay tuned for a more Valentine-traditional, spicy date look later this week ❤

Add a bit of trend to your reserved look with one of these sweaters:


I looked up items that you could find at a store nearby since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Eek!

Wink Sweater – Macy’s

Lone Red Heart Sweater – Macy’s

Skull Sweater – Bloomingdale’s

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Love the pics?  Follow the photographer: @tiffanycouture.

Happy Reserved Valentine’s Day!


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