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Style Log: A Voluptuous Valentine

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

I can’t think of anything else,


Hey at least blue and boo rhyme, right? I would seriously make the worst rapper in the history of rap. A newborn could rhyme better than me.  But, this look has nothing to do with rhyming or rapping.  It does have everything to do with a more voluptuous look for that hot Valentine’s date ❤

I’m usually more of a casual, classic, just-a-bit of trend dresser, but there was just something about this dress that made me feel sexy, which normally I don’t.  I like doing puzzles while watching Investigation Discovery (Shoutout to Lt. Joe Kenda, who will probably be my Valentine’s date…you da real MVP!!!). I’ve been asked to “be sexy” for an acting scene, and shortly after was asked to stop #facepalm 😂 FAR from sexy!!

Obviously, let’s start with the dress.  This is a one-size-fits-all dress, which was very surprising because these never fit. But, the all-over ruching really accentuates your body.  And I love the cutout in the back.  It’s just the right amount showing for a dress that’s so fitted.

Red and white are so bold together and very much the go-to colors for the day of love.  So I added pearl studs to keep it a little more on the classic side – especially since this dress is more of a modern look.  But, I also like the idea of adding a little sparkle.  Hence the gold fringe necklace…subtle with just enough sparkle.

Of course, we can’t forget the big curls and red lips – a classic for any romantic setting.

More white!  This purse was perfect for this look.  It stands out against the red. Small enough for a date, big enough to fit your lipstick, phone, etc.

www.lizlauers.comEven more white!!  OK, who does not love these shoes?!  They are so versatile, and completely stand out against bold colors like this red.

I usually prefer a more tailored look, and shift dresses are my jam, but WOW 😍 This dress is just…WOW.  Perfection.  Perfection for that hot Valentine 😘

For more of a casual look, see here.  OR for a reserved look, see here.

Happy Voluptuous Valentine’s Day!

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