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Style Session: Urban Prep

Spring is just around the corner, but there are still a couple of weeks left to share some warmer looks with you.  Like this one.

Not too long agoI had the opportunity to style this guy.  In attempt to spruce up his wardrobe, without going full fashionista mode (just yet 😉 ), he wanted a look that could transition his current young/casual look to one that was more put together, but still relaxed.  Read: young, but responsible.  And pieces that could be easily mixed and matched with items he already owns.  Hence, this urban prep look.


Nothing says prep like a peeking collar.  But, it’s that subtle pop of color combined with all the other hues that bring the different shades of blue together, while breaking them apart.

This pullover is genius with its subtle abstract print.  Trendy and classic.  And it’s a perfect match for these trousers.  The pants’ shade of blue is one that can be used throughout the year – they’re like a dressed up jean!

Shoes!  This is probably my favorite part of this whole look.  Adding tennis shoes to this look tones it down just enough to give it a young, approachable feel; not yet ready to conform to loafers.  Too city for a full preppy look.

This was such a fun experience…and am so glad he was just so excited about it!  Next, we’ll be styling him for spring!!

How do you like putting a twist to your preppy look?

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