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Travel to Florida: Walking Wynwood

Have you ever been immersed in so much creativity that you were instantly running eight different ideas in your mind?  Or found yourself staring at art and felt the emotions in each paint stroke you admired?  Walking through the Wynwood Arts District in Miami was just like that times a million.  As soon as you step into the area it’s like you’ve entered this new, colorful world that celebrates the differences that bring us together.  Check out some of my favorites below or scroll at the way to the bottom for a full gallery slide show.

This wall has the names of all the countries represented by Miami’s residents.  It’s so diverse, yet together the wall is complete.

www.lizlauers.comwww.lizlauers.comThis wall shows the love triangle between Marilyn Monroe, JFK and Jackie O.  Don’t love the infidelity, but I do love the shooting hearts gun.  So fitting!www.lizlauers.comwww.lizlauers.comOther walls have the most beautiful geometric patterns – perfect for photo ops!www.lizlauers.comAnd, of course, you can’t underestimate the inspirational and funny quotes on the

See more of the Wynwood Arts District pictures I snapped when I wasn’t too distracted by the breathtaking #streetart ❤  Enjoy!

Times goes by so fast you don’t even notice it.  You can do an Art Walk if you want a guided tour.  Or if you’re like me, start at a local coffee house in the area, super charge your phone, walk, and look up the artists’ names to learn some fun facts at your own pace.

Warning:  for the second option, you’ll definitely need a full day to really do a full tour (and an extra charged phone battery)…there’s just so much to see!

Happy Wynwood-ing!

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PS…Does that romper look familiar??  That’s because I’ve posted about it here.


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