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Voy y Vuelvo: A Glimpse of Chile

Este Coco
Bar at Aqui Esta Coco restaurant, showcasing Chef Coco Pacheco. One of the best restaurants in the world!

Chilean culture is warm and very sincere. Visiting Santiago, I felt at home. No prejudice at all, just really friendly people. Everyone here is so good looking from the grandparents, men, women, children, even babies. They could give Slovenia a run for their money in the category for a “good looking society.” 😉

Not only are people easy on the eye, they are so friendly! We encountered a group of young people 22-28 yrs., who spoke good English, which made it easy to communicate, and even beat-boxed and freestyled about “us” Trinidadian visiting Santiago. Clearly it isn’t a very popular tourist destination because everyone kept asking us, “why did you pick Chile to visit on vacation?”, accompanied by very vague expressions.

It’s a very admirable country. I cannot tell you how many times I saw women walking down empty streets in the night, passing through dark parks by themselves. It should not have stricken me as odd because that is the way it should be! Men here are very respectable. There is no cat-calling and there is a real sense of security.

chilean dance
People dancing Cueca on the streets. Cueca is the Chilean national dance that everyone learns in primary school.

The police in Chile are the REAL deal. They believe in their job and have a very strong moral compass to protect their citizens and also have the respect of all Chileans. They are actually “policing” and are super friendly. This is an unfathomable concept to me. Truly awe-inspiring!!! It is said that the police in Chile are “Incorruptible!” – you will be arrested is your try to bribe them.

The food was out of this world. If you ever have the opportunity eat anywhere in Chile. Jump at it!!! The quality and standard were held across Santiago. The seafood is by far the best I have ever eaten, so fresh and “Todo bien!”

I’m madly in LOVE with this country. Deeply religious but not in your face, great seafood, a growing craft beer culture, excellent Carmenere wines, competitive futbol, wonderful people…

Yo! This place is a gem. Definitely one of South America’s hidden treasures.

This is a guest blogger post written by Kim Lee. Kim is a Caribbean Culinary blogger who enjoys sailing and cooking. Read her cooking blogs here. She is an island girl, beer nerd and adventure junkie. Did we mention that she once caught a fish with her bare hands, cooked it and saved five men? Needless to say, Kim is pretty cool!! Follow her travels via Instagram @kymmi007



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