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Fitness Bootcamp Giveaway!!

Congratulations to Kate! The 4-week boot camp winner. Kate’s already such a beauty, inside and out, so watch out world!!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Congratulations to Kate!

I cannot wait to get our fitness on with Camp Gladiator! The next four weeks are going to be filled with some amazing fitness adventures. I am so excited to share this opportunity with you, Kate. And can’t wait to make our own workout videos 😉

Kate is most excited about the team work aspect of the camp and the competitive-ness to it. Knowing how much of a social butterfly this cutie is, and how much we work together as a group to stay motivated at CG camps, I know that Kate will just love it. And I have no doubt that she’ll kill it during the competitive parts…Can I have dibs on having her on my team?!?! 🙋 I’ll be your personal cheerleader 📣📣📣

Congratulations Kate!!! See you on the field soon 😚 Werk it!!!

After trying everything from Insanity to dance classes to workout classes at the gym, I finally found my workout groove. On March 16th, my friend Chelsea sent me a Camp Gladiator promo that made it very inexpensive to try their boot camps. Everything was on point! 💪 I got serious about getting results so after completing the promotional 4-week session, I dove right in and went “Bold” (the CG term for members) by signing a one-year contract for unlimited boot camp classes that lets me go to any boot camps in any city where CG is at.

Now, I want to share the CG love and give ONE LUCKY READER a FREE 4-week session of Camp Gladiator!!!

Keep reading about my experience or scroll all the way to the bottom to go straight to the Giveaway!!!

I hadn’t shared my experience with CG yet because I really wanted to evaluate it and give you an honest review. And now that I’m three months in, it’s a good time to share. I’ve had enough time to see results, experience different locations and trainers, and decide whether I was happy with the CG experience or not.

This was the summer before starting boot camp. I had a little bit of extra fluff around the tummy area. Nothing to be ashamed of, but also not something I was happy with.

The Results: I’ve lost 2 inches in the waist area!!! And lost weight – going from 118 lbs on March 16th to 109 lbs the morning of June 16th…exactly three months after CG. To a 5’1 gal, these results make all the difference. And I feel great! I have a lot more energy and I’m naturally craving healthier food and getting into better sleeping habits. Winning! 💯

More about Camp Gladiator

CG promotes itself as a work “at your own pace” boot camp; and that it wants to “positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.” Sounds cheesy, but I have witnessed all different levels of fitness doing the same work out; and you really do work on your own pace. The point is to just keep going.

Sessions are offered in 4-week increments. Every week has a theme tied to it that helps build a foundation for the next week. Trainers recommend going at least three times a week – I agree. “Bold” members get an extra week: (Week 5) Recovery Week.

I think that you can really see the difference in someone’s face. This was June 8th. I’m wearing minimal makeup, and I think I look great! Definitely felt great!

How do you become a CG “Bold” member? Two options: Bold 6+ or Bold 12+. Then, you are officially “Bold.” I like it. You are making a Bold move on a Bold commitment for Bold results. 

Bold 6+ is a six-month contract for $79 a month. And Bold 12+ is a one-year contract for $69 a month. It comes out to $5 each time you go if you go three times a week for Bold 12+. Make that 4 camps a week if you’re Bold 6+. Not too bad if you think about it that way. And, the results are AMAZING and totally worth it!

The trainers are all great. They have their different styles and some might use certain tools (example: tires), while others won’t. But at the end of the day, they are all such great motivation to keep you going – exactly what I needed.

Check out the CG website here.


Sorry, this giveaway has ended and a winner has been selected. Make sure to subscribe to be notified on posts and future giveaways.

Happy camping!!

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