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Tips to Mismatching Your Bikini

Did you know that today, July 5th, is the birthday of the bikini?? 😲😲😲 I know!

For someone who is obsessed with bikinis, I am beyond excited. A bikini is more than just beachwear nowadays; with so many styles, cuts, patterns, etc., a bikini represents your own version of a relaxed lifestyle.

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with mismatching my bikinis to the extreme. A set is great, of course, but mixing it up can be a fun way to change things up AND even maximize your bikini collection. They key is to get a final look that still looks put together; effortless, but not sloppy.

Here are some mismatching tips to get that carefree, but not careless, look this summer:

Solids and Prints

Probably the easiest form of mismatching; and also known as the gateway to mismatching.  Find the color that really ties the two pieces together. You can do this in two ways. Wear a solid that matches your printed top/bottom’s primary color. Or wear a solid that compliments your printed top/bottom’s primary color.

fashion spring trends 2014 04 mix match swim 09


Different Color, Matching prints

Keeps you matching, but with some added fun! This is a great way to experiment with different colors because no matter what, it will still be a set in some way.

fashion spring trends 2014 04 mix match swim 04

Same Color, Different Patterns

This option is perfect when you are shopping from the same brand. A yellow at Body Glove might be a different yellow than the one Triangl uses. But in the same brand, they tend to be the same, unless it’s specified. This is a great option for mismatching clearance swimwear!!


Crochet and Earthy Tones

Crochet reminds me of all things earthy, natural and boho. So pairing your crochet piece with an earthy solid or printed counterpart is pure instinct. Add some metallic temporary tattoos for some flashy fun!



Consistent Color Mix

Keep your colors consistent. A neon should be paired with neon, primary color with another primary and pastels with pastels. AND, you can mix the tones if they are the same color. For example, a pastel blue can be matched to a cobalt blue.

But, don’t be afraid to try to mix it up. My favorite mix that breaks this tip is an olive neutral and neon pair.


If all else fails, Have fun!!!

Don’t get too caught up in following a “rule” to mismatching. The whole point is to have fun with it!! Get out of your comfort zone and try mixing different prints, too! That’s how I found my love for mixing floral and striped patterns.

You can also start with Maaji Swimwear. Some of their sets purposely mix a variety of patterns for a mismatched look. This is a great way to get comfortable with mismatching.

Do you mismatch your bikinis? What are your favorite mismatch go-tos? Have any other tips? Share in the comments, y’all 😚


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Happy Mismatching!

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