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The Yacht Week Squad Goals: Tips to Getting a Crew for TYW

Our crew is officially official. We’ve paid, booked flights, and are ready to take on what is said to be a week of living an “unreal” life, sailing the Adriatic Sea and visiting Croatian islands on The Yacht Week (TYW).

There are several destinations to choose from, different dates to go (all are a Saturday through Saturday week), and you can even pick who you want to share this amazing experience with. TYW calls it your “crew;” in other workds…your #squad 😉 Obvs, putting your squat together is easier said than done.

So here are some tips to help you put together the ultimate squad for TYW:

Prioritize Friends You’ve Enjoyed Traveling With
Claire and I in Miami. Definitely one of my favorite travel buddies. Good thing she’s going on TYW with me!

Ever traveled with someone who just made the trip such a hassle? More stressful than it needed to be? Made you want the trip to end ASAP? If you can think of a friend (or friends) that have done this, don’t invite them to this. You will be spending a WHOLE WEEK with them on a boat! Space will be limited so you must get along and have fun together.

Never had this issue? I’m jealous. I wish would never have bad traveling experiences especially with friends. So if you’ve been a lucky one, then….

🌟 Take Friends With Experience

If you only read one of my tips…this is the one to listen to!! This trip is the trip of a lifetime, make it an even easier trip by bringing friends with experience. What does that mean? Glad you asked 😊 This means experience with traveling (preferably internationally), swimming!! and sailing.

Traveling in the states is awesome…I love visiting new states and seeing how they vary from coast to coast. BUT, traveling internationally is a different beast. The culture, customs and language barriers are amplified. And if your friend doesn’t have that experience (or the personality) to go with the flow, you need to say, “Next!”

Surrounded by an emergency services guru, nurse/former lifeguard, and sailor…yep, got the experience covered 👍

Swimming is essential. You’re on the water for a whole freaking week. You don’t need to worry that your friend might freak out and drown; or be too scared to join in on the fun. Of course, there is nothing wrong with bringing people along who can’t swim. I’m sure plenty have gone. But make sure that it won’t be your responsibility to babysit…unless this is something you really enjoy doing. Then by all means, let me know so I can join your crew with my non-swimming friends 😉

Sailing is not really necessary. Though you are supposed to be learning some basic sailing skills. And, you will have to help with minor docking and anchoring tasks. That is not supposed to be hard, but it probably will be heavy and require a bit of strength to do so. Bringing someone along who has that experience makes the process of learning things much MUCH easier. Plus, it gives you an advantage during the regatta…⛵

Personalities, Personalities, Personalities

Even with all the experience in the world, it all comes down the crew’s vibes. Too many Type A’s may not bee good on a boat…just like too many Type B’s wouldn’t be good. Keep in mind everyone’s personalities. If possible, bring those who you plan on inviting together to see what the chemistry is like. With that being said…

Start Small

You don’t have to put a whole list together right away. Be mindful of the time you have and plan your crew in advance. If you have a friend or friends that you definitely want to take with you, mention it to them first before anyone else. Then you can test out different personalities with other people you or your friends might want to bring along for the fun by going out for a night and seeing how everyone gets along.

Don’t Forget About the Skipper and Host
A hostess can make those hangry feelings go away!! Source:

TYW offers you the opportunity to book one of their staff members to be your skipper (read: boat driver) or hostess (read: amateur chef). Of course, they do more than just that like offer advice on restaurants and activities. Adding either a skipper or hostess is totally up to you. However, you can only add a hostess if you’ve added a skipper.

We went with the skipper; and I highly recommend you do the same. Who wants to stay sober to make sure that we get to the next island in time? No one, that’s who. So don’t be an ass and let your friends with sailing experience enjoy their time there. Unless, you’ve made out some sort of deal where you pay for them to do it…then, that’s a different story. We didn’t do that. We went with an official skipper.

We did not book a hostess. Most of us decided that venturing out into the islands and eating out would be better. And we could all survive making our own meals a few times out of the week.

Again, this is totally up to you and what you want. But if you go with just a skipper, or both a skipper and a hostess, don’t forget that you lose those spots on your boat. Yes, that means that the total cost of say a 10-person boat will now be split between 8 people if you choose to add a skipper and hostess.

Keep in Mind the Gender Ratio

TYW wants as equal of a gender ratio as possible…so keep that in mind. A yacht that is a made up of mostly one gender is more expensive than one that is a little more 50/50 guys and girls. IMPORTANT: If you decide to have an all-girls group you cannot change your mind later. You can replace a guy’s spot for a new girl if anything changes, but you cannot do the opposite. TYW will not let you replace a guy for a girl’s original spot.

We set our ratio to 6:4, not including the skipper. Once the skipper was assigned (who was a guy), we filled the rest of the crew with 6 gals and 3 guys.  Perfect in case any of the guys backed out, we had room to replace with either another guy or another girl. And with that being said…

Plan For People Who Back Down
Not sure why anyone would back out of this view, but I guess things happen. Photo by @maxtagramz on TYW Croatia.

People may back down! Things happen…it happened to us (TWICE actually), and it can happen to you. Hopefully it won’t, but at least you can be prepared.

TYW doesn’t care what you do with each other as far as who pays what. All they care about is that a certain amount is paid by each of the due dates. They don’t care if you pay with 20 debit/credit cards or just one.

As a way to settle upfront the possibility of anyone backing out, we decided that if anyone did drop out, we would not reimburse anything that was already paid. Basically, you are out of the payments you made. This worked for three reasons: 1) It makes it easier on the rest of the crew because it’s less that everyone else has to pay, 2) It will also be less expensive for a new person who now has to play catch-up on what everyone else has put in, and 3) It’s not as annoying having to find someone new to fill the spot that is now vacant. And, if you want to have a good-vibing crew, it is not as easy as just adding whomever says they want to go.

For one of our drop-outs, we found a friend. For the other one, we went a different route…

–> Don’t be Afraid to Use Crew Finder

TYW has an option to add random people to your crew. Sometimes the best times are spent with total strangers…you get to learn about them and a whole new country! And now you have a new friend you can visit on a different trip. Win!!

You’re Vibe Attracts Your Tribe
Photo by @maxtagramz on TYW Croatia.

AT THE END OF THE DAY…Make sure you have a group of cool people that will make this the best trip for you. TYW is a time to relax, catch some rays, and booze and snooze, spend it with the people who make your experience better!! ❤

Wanna skip all the hassle of putting your own crew together? Book a cabin instead…The Trekking Cat has an awesome review on the cabin-booking experience.

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Have you been on TYW or similar trips? Share your tips below…

Have Fun Getting Those Squad Goals!!

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