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Travel to Austria: The Sounds of Salzburg

Because of the Sound of Music…get it? 😜

Maybe it’s because this was our first stop on our Euro Trip, but I must say, a little piece of me stayed in this charming Austrian city. Everywhere you turned it was like looking at a tourism brochure: a perfect city with picturesque hills, cobbled stone walkways, and a colorful landscape. The best part was Claire’s inner-geek over The Sound of Music coming out…who needs a tour guide when you have her? *in British accent* May I pay you in wine? FYI, she said yes!

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The Mirabell Palace and Gardens, quickly became a trip favorite of mine with its perfectly manicured garden in the heart of the city.
Remember the steps scene from The Sound of Music? It’s OK if you don’t. Feel free to ask Claire 😂
When you see a unicorn statue you have to take a picture with it….*secretly whispers “Are you real?”*
Mozart fans, this one’s for you. We didn’t get to visit Mozart’s home, but visiting the cathedral where he was baptized was still a gem.
Residenzbrunnen, the golden fountain, located at Residenzplatz (Salzburg’s historic plaza).
Quick stroll through the market before lunch.
Salzburg Nockerl, the Salzburg dessert specialty that represent the city’s hillside. This was our treat after a yummy lunch at Cafe Mozart.

I really wish we had more time here. With a little more time you can do more, like go up to the castle or visit Mozart’s home, and really take the culture in. But even with the four hours we spent in Salzburg, the city is walkable enough to take as much as you can in a short amount of time…as long as you have your walking shoes.

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Have any questions about this trip? Let me know!

Happy Travels 💛

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