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Travel to Slovenia: A day in Bled and Ljubljana 

After driving through Austria, we pit stopped at Ponzion Bledec Hostel for the night. The hostel was a little hard to get to in the middle of the night in a large vehicle driving through winding roads…oh, and the road closures that weren’t updated on our GPS, of course. But it was definitely worth it for the great location, which put us on the right track to continue our Euro Trip to Bled and Ljubljana.

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View from our hostel room on the third floor.
The top of Bled Castle was a short 10-minute walk from the Hostel 🏰
View of Bled Lake from the Castle, with the Church of the Assumption on Bled Island. We only had a little bit of time in Bled, so we didn’t get to visit this sweet escape, but it’ll be going on my travel bucket list.

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We made it to Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia! Our first site was the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation and The Triple Bridge, which is made up of three bridges that cross the Ljubljanica River.
Butchers’ Bridge has a distinctively more modern design compared to other bridges. Love padlocks are placed on the steel wires. A little ironic given the “Butchers” name, don’t you think?

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The Dragon Bridge, renamed in 1919, was originally named The Jubilee Bridge of the Emperor Franz Josef I. Could just be me, but I find The Dragon Bridge more appropriate – I’d love to drive next to dragons!!
Hiking up to the Ljubljana Castle. Can’t see a close up here, but these Aerosoles sandals were cute with everything and super comfy for all the walking we did on this trip.
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Clockwise: Clocktower in the Castle’s plaza area where movies and other events are open to the public! The wishing well is located inside – we only threw a penny 💰😂 And the chapel inside the Castle, though small, was still vibrant with a colorful ceiling.

Check out Ljubljana Castle’s event calendar for your visit here!!
One more view of the Baroque architecture before we’re off to continue our Euro Trip 😀
Thanks for the memories, Slovenia! But before we leave, let’s see if I can add any Pokemon to my collection #obsessed

Because we left Bled so early, we had plenty of time to explore Ljubljana. Although, I’d love to go back to Bled and visit the island and do some kind of water sport on the lake – it’s so blue!!!!

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Have you visited any interesting bridges or castles? Maybe even these?? Which were your favorite?

Na zdravi! (Cheers!)

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