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Travel to Croatia: Zadar and Split, A Two-Day Dalmatian Tale

Bok (Hi), Dalmatian Coast!! Dalmatia is on the east shore of the Adriatic Sea, which includes two of the largest cities in Croatia: Zadar and Split. I cannot tell you how much I love being near water and in the sun; after an almost 4-hour drive from Slovenia, I was ready for ocean sounds and sun-kissed walks.

After checking into our Airbnb, we made our way to the action on the coast. Shameless plug: use code LIZL1908 to earn a $35 credit on Airbnb.

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People sat around to watch the sunset and take a swim…it was a busy night full of tourists like us!
The Sea Organ – THE reason for stopping in Zadar. It was very calming while watching the sun go down 🎶
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Couldn’t resist a floppy hat pose with this sunset 😍
Seriously thinking of printing this to hang over the bed…how relaxing is this???
The Sun Salutation is next to the Sea Organ, it collects sun energy during the day and lights up at night. A few seconds of the light show can be seen after the Organ sounds play in the video above.
Quick stop in the heart of Zadar for dinner. This bell tower is a part of the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, the largest church in all of Dalmatia.

We spent the night in Zadar and left for Split in the morning. Zadar was great! Everything was within walking distance and we felt safe with the crowd around.

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Our first stop was at Pancakes & Creperie Stari Plac in an effort to recharge. It’s not seaside, but prizes are great, the food is delicious, and the coffee is strong. TIP: They only take cash – so make sure to have either Kuna or Euro currency on you…preferably Kuna!

EXTRA TIP: Parking in the lot across the street from this small restaurant was the best decision – everything was within walking distance. But get there early, it’s a small lot and fills fast!
Doesn’t this seem a bit like St. Mark’s Square? This is the Trg Republike (Republic Square), which is better known as Prokurative. The architect was Italian, but built the square after St. Mark’s.
Of course, a stop in Split isn’t a stop without visiting Diocletian’s Palace. Fun Fact: A Game of Thrones scene was filmed in this spot!! We’ll take a closer look at this Palace in a future post 🙂

The next few pictures are still in Split, but actually a week later. After Deocletian’s Palace we went to the marina to take off for The Yacht Week…more on that next.

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A local recommended we have dinner at Restoran Re di Mare – we had the Dalmatian cream caramel with ice cream for dessert…so yummy!! We were there on a Saturday and they had live music. So relaxing!
Marina in front of Re di Mare 😍
Marina in front of Re di Mare 😍 Maybe this one will also make an appearance on the wall somewhere.
When on vacation, the desserts never end. We were told the gelato in Croatia was the best because of the real fruit used – they were right! I got the watermelon gelato and it was a refreshing treat to have as we enjoyed an evening walk in the city.
Found a confederate flag stenciled on the streets of Split. I tried looking it up and this article says it’s associated with being from the southern portion of the country.

Because of our long drive from Slovenia, we got to Zadar in the afternoon.

Funny story: The entire crowd was lined up against the seawall with their phones and selfie sticks ready to get the best sunset shot possible. You can see it a little in the floppy hat picture above, but the sun was setting behind mountains. So when it was about to completely disappear in the distance, the sun was between two mountains – an incredible view (sorry, no pictures…I just had to enjoy it). Of course, we were all excited, anxiously waiting to see the sun completely go down and witness it with our own Croatian-tourist eyes. WELL, just as the sun nears its departure, a boat comes along and completely ruins the moment by blocking EVERYONE’S view…😂 But is it really ruined? Meh. Even though everyone else grunted that this boat had interfered with their amateur photography skills, I thought it was quite entertaining. It kind of made for a funny little memory.

Our stop in Split was fun, but crowded. I want to go back to explore more of Deocletian’s Palace, but will look into a less busy time – even if I have to brave the cold. Did you know there are accommodations in the Palace?? You could spend the night in a Palace!

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Have you visited Zadar or Split? Which one was your favorite?? Or have you had your sunset “ruined”?

See y’all on The Yacht Week next…

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