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Better Beauty: Awareness for Safer Products

Recently there has been a sort of craze over being more natural. You’ve probably seen biodegradable, homemade or the all-natural products out there to use in your everyday life. There’s even a craze over paleo diets. All of this is amazing! Not going to lie and say that I don’t use Windex, or eat the occasional frozen pizza, but I like being as natural as possible. I want to improve my well-being; and being more natural in the products I use is a great way to start. Not only is it safer for me, it’s safe for the environment.

But while we tend to focus on the better (read: organic) foods and finding alternatives for harsh cleaning chemicals, we forget about what we are putting on our skin. We forget about the stuff that we are directly applying to our legs, arms, face, which penetrates into our system. I mean, we wouldn’t rub Clorox all over our bodies would we?

beautycounter products review
I was able to test these products out. Stay tuned for a Beutycounter review soon…

As this Beautycounter video states, “We work out, we eat healthy foods, but then many of us, unknowingly cover our bodies in questionable or harmful ingredients.” My initial thought was, “but everything is regulated, right?” It takes several phases of clinical trials and hoops to jump through to pass a new medicine. Don’t regulations also apply to beauty products I use every day? Yes, but no…at least in the US.

Since 1938, US Congress has not passed a major federal law to regulate the ingredients in personal care products. Ummm…what?!?! It doesn’t take a chemist to logically come to the conclusion that so much has changed since 1938. Surely, we’ve progressed and have more knowledge on certain ingredients that must be removed from the shelves.

I am one of those who is unknowingly covering my body in harmful ingredients simply because I was not aware. I only found this out through Beautycounter. I am not a representative or consultant for this company, but if it weren’t for the knowledge they shared with me, I’d still be mindlessly wandering the aisles picking up the best smelling body butter not knowing that the ingredients can be harmful. Some ingredients can cause serious damage to parts of your body, other ingredients are known carcinogens…why are we still even using them?

So what steps can we take to move forward?

If you’re like me, it’s a process. There are some people who can go from zero to sixty from one day to the next. That is not me. Here are ways you can move towards better beauty…

1. Join me for an Online Beautycounter Social

Click here to join me on Oct. 24, 2016 at 8pm (Central Time) to learn more about better beauty. Beautycounter was how I became aware of the harm in some products’ formulas and I am so happy to be a small part in raising awareness.

2. Use the Never List

The Never List is a list of ingredients that Beautycounter never uses in its products. The EU has banned almost 1,400 chemicals from personal care product formulas. The US has only banned 11. Download a pocket-size version to take with you here. Look through product ingredients and make an effort to avoid those with harmful ingredients.

3. Use the EWG Healthy Living App

The Environmental Working Group wants you to stay informed on all products you buy, which is why they’ve created the Healthy Living app. Scan an item you’re buying and get all the information you can on it to be informed. Like I said before, going from zero to sixty isn’t easy. But the Healthy Living app is a great next step. Click here to download it.

4. Shop Beautycounter

Beautycounter’s mission is “To get safer products into the hands of everyone” so you know that you’ll be shopping safer. Click here to shop now.

5. Shop EWG Verified ProductsLearn about EWG VERIFIED™

EWG has made it super easy to shop products that have met their strict criteria. Soon these products will have a green EWG Verified logo on them, but it will take a while for this to show up. So for now, click here to see which products are safer to get.

Cheers to a better beauty!

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