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Travel to Las Vegas: Neon Museum

According to a Neon Museum worker, most locals don’t visit this museum…many may not even know about it. So it’s basically a very touristy thing to do. Usually, I get on a high horse about doing touristy things, but this time I am SO HAPPY that I paid a visit to this little treasure. Along with that cute cactus in the picture above, there were plenty of signs full of history. Here are some of my favorites…

You can’t help but snap the “in love” sign. The letters from the Moulin Rouge sign were moved around, making this the perfect photo-op for couples. If only I could bring my dog for a quick picture here…
Such a classic sign. I bet it’s just brilliant lit up at night!!
Mr. and Mrs. Vegas right here 😉 Of course this wedding chapel sign was on my favorites list.
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The Stardust sign is HUGE! It was hard to get the entire thing in one shot.
But it’s not just all gambling signs here. Several motel, cleaners, and other random shapes and letters filled the space.
Save the best for last…this ducky was the cutest thing! It’s story is not what you’d expect. Go to the full album here to read more.

The daytime tour was incredible. I can only imagine how pretty all the signs look at night. FYI, not all the signs are lit up. Some do not have enough light bulbs or other electric needs (???) to be turned on. Also, some get moved back to bring others to the front…this changes it up a bit and lets all the signs get some show time. I highly recommend you visit on your next Vegas stop. I know I can’t wait to go for an evening tour or maybe even rent out the space for a special occasion. Here are some things to keep in mind…

  1. Wear closed-toe shoes. Yes, you can go in sandals, but the rocks and metal pushed by the wind can and will hurt if your toes are out in the open.
  2. Tickets are FINAL SALE. Plan accordingly and act fast (tickets tend to sell out!). Look at the times available here.
  3. No backpacks. I got lucky with the 90s style one I had, but they could change their mind.
  4. No photoshoots. You can book one separately, if you want. It’ll cost you, though.
  5. Take water!! It may not seem like you’re dehydrated because the sun’s hiding, but you are. You’ll need water throughout the tour.
Can’t get enough? Check out the whole album here.

Happy Touring, my fellow Vegas-lovers!


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