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Fitness: My CG Games Experience

CG Games finals is this weekend! If you are following me on Instagram, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do if you’re not 😉, you know that I participated in CG Games prelims two months ago.

Because I was competing in the Individual Competitive Female category, I had to place in the top 60 to make it to finals. Side note: you can also compete as a team if you want. Your final ranking is based on the outcome of four different “games.” And each game focuses on a specific week of the Camp Gladiator boot camps. You can watch the breakdown of each game here.

Shameless plug (because I get points): Interested in joining a Camp Gladiator near you? Comment with your email and I’ll send you a referral. 

Though I didn’t place in the top 60 😢, I DID place #74 (out of more than 900 other ladies out there!!), which I don’t think is bad for my first time. Now I’ll know what to expect for next year’s games 💪  Here are a few things I learned along the way…

I actually kind of like burpees. I know… 🙈 All those CG boot camps finally paid off. The trick is to just keep going…and maybe be a little delirious from the sun.
As much as I LOVE (and, I mean LOOOOOVE, y’all) LOVE the heat, turf that’s been under the blistering heat for hours is not nice to touch. 
Getting called a “beast” feels really good. What a confidence booster!! 💪 
I still struggle with running. Although, I recently realized that I was tying my shoes too tight. So maybe it’ll get better? 🤔
Preparation and adrenaline pushes you beyond your limits. And you realize that you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.
And, of course, a cute outfit always helps. If all else fails, your outfit is a hit! :p

So while I won’t be at CG Games finals this year, I am so excited to make it next year. Two-a-days start now!! Kidding. I do like boot camps twice a day, but sometimes a girl needs her sleep.

Join me at boot camp!! Comment with your email and I’ll send you a referral. 

Good luck to everyone who made it this year. I hope to be one of the lucky ones joining your ranks next year 😗

Happy fitness-ing!


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