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Style Log: Getting Floral

Don’t worry, you don’t need to bring me flowers. I brought my own. 😉 Y’all know I’m all about a good deal…and have recently learned that I love giving overlooked pieces new life.  Read more about that here. So finding these beauties at a thrift store was like that scene in Despicable Me when Gru has… Continue reading Style Log: Getting Floral

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Style Log: Let’s Polka…80s Style

Let’s polka!  Is that a thing people say?  I don’t know. When I came across these 80s style pants I immediately thought of Monica Geller. Her style at the beginning of the Friends series was so late 80s/early 90s spot on it was just…ugh. I can’t. I loved it! I know Rachel was always the… Continue reading Style Log: Let’s Polka…80s Style

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His & Hers Kinda Ride: A Carnival Date

Sure, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share the cutest pictures 😉 Many moons ago my first experience with the HLSR was a concert and the occasional turkey leg.  And then, I got into the whole cook-off thing.  I’d never really experienced the carnival part of it.  So… Continue reading His & Hers Kinda Ride: A Carnival Date

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Style Log: A Voluptuous Valentine

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I can’t think of anything else, Boo. Hey at least blue and boo rhyme, right? I would seriously make the worst rapper in the history of rap. A newborn could rhyme better than me.  But, this look has nothing to do with rhyming or rapping.  It does have everything to… Continue reading Style Log: A Voluptuous Valentine

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Style Log: A Reserved Valentine

Just a few days ago we looked at a casual look that had a “pop” of Valentine’s Day colors in there.  See it again here.  Now, I want to share a look that’s more on the preppy side, reserved and definitely work-friendly. A classic preppy look:  white collar with a sweater over it.  Can this… Continue reading Style Log: A Reserved Valentine

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Style Log: A Pop of Valentine

I know, I know.  Such a commercialized “holiday.”  But you can’t help but get in the loving spirit sometimes.  And if you’re more of a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl, this outfit is a great way to dress it up just a bit without giving in to the whole facade of this love/hate… Continue reading Style Log: A Pop of Valentine

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Style Log: Casual NYE

Are you rushed for a NYE outfit?  I know I was.  In my defense, the original plan was to drink champagne at home.  But, some last-minute plans changed all that and now I’ll be going out.  Yay!!  But, oh turd-slips!!!  I need an outfit NOW!  In my attempt to not spend money on a dress… Continue reading Style Log: Casual NYE