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Beautycounter Morning/Night Routine Review

Did you read my last post about safer beauty awareness? The reason the topic of safer beauty even came up was because of a Beautycounter event I attended that gave me the opportunity to try some products for a few days. Full disclosure: I have not yet purchased these items because some products I have (though… Continue reading Beautycounter Morning/Night Routine Review

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Better Beauty: Awareness for Safer Products

Recently there has been a sort of craze over being more natural. You’ve probably seen biodegradable, homemade or the all-natural products out there to use in your everyday life. There’s even a craze over paleo diets. All of this is amazing! Not going to lie and say that I don’t use Windex, or eat the… Continue reading Better Beauty: Awareness for Safer Products

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The Yacht Week Squad Goals: Tips to Getting a Crew for TYW

Our crew is officially official. We’ve paid, booked flights, and are ready to take on what is said to be a week of living an “unreal” life, sailing the Adriatic Sea and visiting Croatian islands on The Yacht Week (TYW). There are several destinations to choose from, different dates to go (all are a Saturday through Saturday… Continue reading The Yacht Week Squad Goals: Tips to Getting a Crew for TYW

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Tips to Mismatching Your Bikini

Did you know that today, July 5th, is the birthday of the bikini?? 😲😲😲 I know! For someone who is obsessed with bikinis, I am beyond excited. A bikini is more than just beachwear nowadays; with so many styles, cuts, patterns, etc., a bikini represents your own version of a relaxed lifestyle. Recently, I’ve been obsessed… Continue reading Tips to Mismatching Your Bikini

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Fitness Bootcamp Giveaway!!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Kate! I cannot wait to get our fitness on with Camp Gladiator! The next four weeks are going to be filled with some amazing fitness adventures. I am so excited to share this opportunity with you, Kate. And can’t wait to make our own workout videos 😉 Kate… Continue reading Fitness Bootcamp Giveaway!!

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One Year PAW-nniversary!

This past year, I have spent some time each month volunteering through a partnership with an animal shelter and participating assisted living and retirement homes. And let me tell you, it has been great! In a small group, we pick up a dog from an animal shelter who is up for adoption and take him/her to an assigned assisted living or… Continue reading One Year PAW-nniversary!

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Fashioning Looks: My Style Journey

In reference to the outfits I blog about, I was asked, “What inspires your looks?”  Great question! Though, I wasn’t prepared to answer that, a generic answer escaped my mouth, “Everything. Depends on where I’m going, how I’m feeling.  I like going to thrift stores, not buying the generic pieces, and turning something that would normally be passed… Continue reading Fashioning Looks: My Style Journey