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Houston to Hollywood: The Time is Now

Am I too old? Will I make it? Am I sacrificing a perfectly nice career for an unstable one? Will they like me? These are questions that I asked myself before signing that agent contract; questions that, in all honesty, I continue to ask myself. In short, my answers are: No, Yes, Possibly, and Maybe.… Continue reading Houston to Hollywood: The Time is Now

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Roadtrip and The Yacht Week: The Ultimate Euro Trip

For a year we planned our summer Euro trip, which included The Yacht Week and a road trip visiting five countries. Originally the road trip was only Claire and I…remember when we went to cutest hidden gem in Florida? (Click here to read more). But our duo quickly turned into a group of four. The… Continue reading Roadtrip and The Yacht Week: The Ultimate Euro Trip

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One Year PAW-nniversary!

This past year, I have spent some time each month volunteering through a partnership with an animal shelter and participating assisted living and retirement homes. And let me tell you, it has been great! In a small group, we pick up a dog from an animal shelter who is up for adoption and take him/her to an assigned assisted living or… Continue reading One Year PAW-nniversary!

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Fashioning Looks: My Style Journey

In reference to the outfits I blog about, I was asked, “What inspires your looks?”  Great question! Though, I wasn’t prepared to answer that, a generic answer escaped my mouth, “Everything. Depends on where I’m going, how I’m feeling.  I like going to thrift stores, not buying the generic pieces, and turning something that would normally be passed… Continue reading Fashioning Looks: My Style Journey

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Last Minute Swish to the Final Four

I enjoy basketball. I may not be able to name a player off the top of my head, but I can appreciate the sport.  I understand the importance that an event like this can have on a school, the pride and bragging rights that fans gain, and the surge of energy that’s produced at the event… Continue reading Last Minute Swish to the Final Four

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His & Hers Kinda Ride: A Carnival Date

Sure, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share the cutest pictures 😉 Many moons ago my first experience with the HLSR was a concert and the occasional turkey leg.  And then, I got into the whole cook-off thing.  I’d never really experienced the carnival part of it.  So… Continue reading His & Hers Kinda Ride: A Carnival Date


#BreakYouMake – An Honorary Post

Earlier this month I found out about the Chobani Flip #BreakYouMake blog challenge. The rules are to nominate someone that I think needs a break from “the daily grind” via honorary blog post. So I started thinking about the hardest working, busiest person I knew. And several people came to mind. My husband deals with… Continue reading #BreakYouMake – An Honorary Post